Sunday , August 18 2019

Ogun NLC Reacts to Governor Amosun Threats….,..

    NLC Ogun state chapter

    Ogun NLC attention had been drawned to the Public Threat to Organised Labour led by Comrade Ayuba Wabba on National Protest schedule to hold next week Tuesday 5th March in Ogun State a desperate move by a Government whose lies and propangada had been exposed.The sudden vituperations by Senator Amosun betrayed his inability to handle industrial Labour Relations maturely in line with Global Practices.

    Labour wish to state that the Empty Threats and denial of evident Diversion of Bail Out funds by Fed Govt and Paris funds Refund which was meant for payment of backlog of unpaid deductions like Cooperative , shilling fund,ileya and Xmas savings of Ogun Workers running into billions of Naira
    2) Refusal to pay Salary and Allowances of TASCE Omu Workers and Proscription illegally of Trade Unions in Omu
    3) Fraudulent diversion of Ogun Workers Contributory Pension Deductions running into 105 months the highest in Nigeria
    4) Reduction of Retirees Gratuity against Pension Laws, Unpaid Gratuities to Public Servants in Ogun State
    5) Threats to life of Labour Leaders, suspension and dismissal of Labour Leaders without following due process in other to cow and crippled Labour Unions to enable him continue this Anti Labour policies cannot be seen by any reasonably mind as just nor a Godly or tagged political move by Labour against Government
    6) Labour therefore wish to counsel Ogun State Government that instead of resulting to blackmail , intimidation and brigandary to oppress workers it will be more honourable to adopt a mature approach of dialogue with Labour before Tuesday 5th March to resolve these issues as no man has a monopoly of Power and Wisdom most especially when this immunity covered position will expire within 3mths
    7/ Ogun State indigenes does not want to be tagged as citizens of State notorious of disparaging,insulting Elders , National and Global Leaders but mature , civilized and intelligently led people
    6) We wish to notify All Security Agencies to be more vigilant and provide security covers to all Labour Leaders to prevent their Assassination before, during and after the Mother of All Protest coming up next week Tuesday
    7) Finally Ogun NLC wish to state that since Governor Amosun was already aware of the postponement of the Peaceful Rally to Tuesday 5th March his Macho man interview today is unnecessary.
    Conclusively we reiterate that the Protest will go as planned on Tuesday and call on All Courageous Ogun State Workers,Retirees, Veterans and Labour Leaders to come out en mass to join all Labour Leaders to condemn and force Ogun State Government to change this Anti Labour Policies and Programs……

    Let’s show that No Government will succeed in Crippling Labour ……
    No Retreat No Surrender signed Comrade Ambali Ogun NLC Chairman

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