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        29th May 2020  


    Press Release

    It was with great shock that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) received the news of the massacre of about 74 persons by dare devil assailants on Wednesday May 27, 2020 in a number of villages in Sabon Birnin Gobir and Gwadabawa local governments of Sokoto State. The callous and gruesome killing of even children and infants in that moment of madness in Sokoto State, and on a day the whole world celebrated the Children’s Day is not only sacrilegious but indeed the height of barbarism. We condemn vehemently this orgy of violence and misery.

    It is of great concern to us that the cry for help by attacked communities in Sokoto State failed to attract timely intervention by the government and our security forces. This is very sad and disconcerting. To those children and adults mowed down by the bullets of the cowardly assailants, their government failed them. To the families licking the wounds of the death of their loved ones, the state failed them.

    The Sokoto massacre would not be the first time assailants have had a field day killing and maiming to their fill in that part of the country. In the past ten years, about ten thousand Nigerians have been killed by gun wielding terrorists and bandits. The killing field of last Wednesday in Sokoto State is another round of death too many.
    We strongly reiterate our earlier calls for the silencing, once and for all, of the machines of death in every part of Nigeria.

    The social trauma, economic displacement and demographic dislocation occasioned by the tributaries of blood flowing through the plains of North East and North West Nigeria foretells foreboding consequences. The spill over from the major theatres of violence in Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina and Kaduna States is also affecting many other states in Nigeria especially states that are in the North Central.

    We urge the Federal Government to continue to invest robust resources in intelligence gathering, armament and equipping of the Nigerian military especially airpower given the terrain difficulties in many of the vulnerable communities constantly under attack.
    While we condole with the Sokoto State government and families of those killed, we urge that the ongoing support being offered by the state government should be broadened and sustained. May Allah reward the faithful departed with Aljannat Firdausi.

    Comrade Ayuba Wabba, mni

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